Ariel snared Article immoral, Attorneys Speak Carefully

Ex-vocalist of Peterpan's lawyers, Ariel, will talk about the case of the more stingy Ariel porn videos with Luna Maya and Cut Tarri. That's because Ariel fall into the propriety.

Ariel's team of lawyers who numbered about five people at around 1:00 pm, Wednesday (23/6/2010) left the Police Headquarters. They are compact there is not much to answer reporters' questions about the detention of Ariel.

"Nah ah, no, I do not dare to comment because it is immoral. Afraid I'll get chapter pornography," said one team pegacara Ariel, the Aga Khan, as he left Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/23/2010) early morning.

While caution is also done other Ariel lawyer, Boy Afrian Bondjol. Boy says that Ariel status as a suspect case is complete porno videos Kabareskrim Police Headquarters explained by Ito Sumardi Komjen Pol.

"Mr. Ito said okay, yes it's true," said Boy. Until now Ariel still at Police Headquarters since been arrested.

Because of sex scenes in the video recording pornonya, Ariel entangled with three chapters at once. Among these four chapters Pornography Act, section 282 of decency and article 27 paragraph 1 of Law No. 11 years old in 2008, about the electronic transaction information (ITE)
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