Lingerie Exhibit Cut Tari So Police?

Police Headquarters has stored sufficient evidence to establish Ariel as a suspect. Reportedly one of the proofs is lingerie used in the video Cut Tari pornonya with Ariel.

As confirmed on the news, Head of Public Relations Police Headquarters, Inspector General of Police Edward Aritonang claimed not to know. "I have not read the minutes of the examination. Later I read first," he said.

Edward's just say if it was identical with accessories store owned by the principals porn videos. Is it lingerie accessories? He did not give a straight answer.

"Just akesoris which is identical to the ownership of certain people," he said when met at the Royal Plaza Surabaya, Jalan Raya Ahmad Yani, Wednesday (23/06/2010).

In Ariel and Tari porn videos, a former presenter Insert wearing green lingerie. Lingerie is reportedly already recognized Tari as his

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